Sunday, 1 November 2009


So, I realised, admittedly a little late in the day, that blogging was quite a big thing and that I should at least have a go at understanding what it is all about. I wondered for a while if I wanted to be atributed to posts that I made, or if it wouldn't add to the freedom of blogging if I were to blog unanimously. In the event I seem to have not had a choice and my name is attached by default. I currently feel that blogging is rather like writing a diary, only millions of others can read it, should they indeed be able to ever find it. Quite possibly I will be indeed writing a private diary that no-one else will ever see.

It is my intention to use this space to talk about the things that are happening around me that cause me to stop and think and to share those thoughts. As this is a new practice for me there are a wealth of ideas that spring to mind; I watched the 'race' episode of Question Time last night which raised all number of not so little thoughts, the sermon in church this morning was food for thought too, as are John and Edward's continued presence on the X-Factor. I also could write for several days about my understanding of education, it's aims and purposes and the questions that those aims and purposes naturally raise. I could spend several happy hours considering the meaning of love and it's relationship to family, humility and conscience.

Indeed there is a lot to consider...